2 | theTYPEAhippie Monday Morning Meditation | PERSPECTIVE

February 19, 2018

"Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life." {Joni Eareckson Tada}


73 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Transitioning With Time, Expectations and Faith (Petra Strand)

February 15, 2018

I met Petra a long time ago when we were both embarking on a 200 hour yoga certification. She's lived a lot of life since then. She's become more authentic and is living a life that is more in alignment with who she is. I stumbled on an older email thread from when we were on that yoga journey and it struck me what can happen in 10-11 years as the email sender was Peter rather than Petra. We have the potential to grow and change and become more vulnerable, authentic, real and add to that the backdrop of space and faith. 

I am Petra Aleah and live in the United States, in northeastern New Jersey. Since childhood, the quest for the Divine has been the exclusive center of my life.


One of the Fireside Poets, Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), might have spoken for me when he wrote in 1858 in The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, chapter 9, “I was born and bred … among books and those who knew what was in them,” and chapter 6, “I like books,—I was born and bred among them, and have the easy feeling, when I get into their presence, that a stable boy has among horses.”

I too always loved books, especially old books, and the culture of books.


I love nature, and I love wilderness and whenever I can be out where it is wild—and beautiful and vast—and where people are sparse. Nature, as living presence, has always been the healing and nurturing companion of my spiritual life.

I first started backpacking 30 years ago and converted to ultralight backpacking probably over 20 years ago. I am still an avid hiker, backpacker, and canoeist.

Between 2014 and 2017, I worked in retail as a sales specialist at REI in Paramus. I was hired on the basis of my experience as an outdoorswoman.

I am a Woman

transgenderI am a woman who is transgender. My transition took place late in life. Outwardly I became to others who I already was to myself.

I have therefore occupied the world of both genders: for most of my life I tried my best to live in the role of a male; in 2015, I finally “came out” to the public and transitioned outwardly to the wonderful creation of the Divine that I have always been.

This is who I am before the Divine, who I have always been, the actual one whom the divine One created and redeemed. In a way, this is not a big deal because I have never been anyone else; it is just that no one else knew my actual gender, and I spent my life confused about it. That confusion and my coming out of it, of course, was a big deal (however little surprise it was to some others). A couple of years ago, I wrote a short reflection on my transition (see My 58th Birthday).

In Admonition XIX, Francis of Assisi said to his brothers,  “What a man is before God, that he is and no more.” I would add, “and no other”: you are no other than what you are before the divine One. Bonaventure, in his Legenda Maior, tells us that Francis “had these words continually in his mouth.” My preaching every week on the Gospel according to Matthew in 2013, and seeing how this recognition by Francis was foundational to Jesus’ own teaching—along with the spiritual reflection I was doing while taking a course at the General Theological Seminary during its Fall semester—compelled me to face the truth about myself, who I was in the presence of my divine Lover. Francis’ words catalyzed my transition and my coming out.

A newspaper story on me: “A Transgender Minister’s ‘Long, Painful, Joyous, Happy and Dizzying’ Road to Acceptance.”


I am a Franciscan, a Franciscan woman, a vowed member of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans since 2001. I think of myself this way first of all.

To connect with Petra:

* Email: petra.aleah@gmail.com
* Website: https://petraaleah.net and http://mylonging.net

* FB: www.facebook.com/petra.aleah


1 | theTYPEAhippie Monday Morning Meditation | OPEN HEART

February 11, 2018

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." {Rumi}



72 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment and What Men Can Do About It (Daniel Jacobs, Steven Snead and Shawn Neal)

February 8, 2018

I went back and forth about doing this episode and thought it's about time men start speaking to men about what they can do to stop sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Bios coming soon.


71 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Social Engagement, Returning to UM, Jay-Z and More (Marcus Collins)

February 1, 2018

Marcus Collins and I went to the same amazing undergraduate institution - we are proud Wolverines. We both left Ann Arbor, MI for adventures and recently returned. He's a thought leader, has parlayed his brilliance, determination and faith into a remarkable career that is riveting and inspiring.

Marcus Collins is a culturally curious thinker with an academic insight into the cognitive drivers that impact consumer behavior. He serves as the SVP of Social Engagement at Doner Advertising, a full-serve advertising agency, and is a recipient of Advertising Age's 40 Under 40 (2016) and Crain's Business Detroit's 40 Under 40 (2016). Previously, he led the Social Engagement practice across the New York advertising agency, Translation, leveraging the psychological motivators that drive what we do, say, and share in an effort to create contagious marketing programs that extend across both the online and offline world of “social.” His strategies and creative contributions have led to the success of Budweiser’s “Made In America” music festival, the launch of Bud Light Platinum, the launch of the Brooklyn Nets (Hello Brooklyn!), and State Farm’s “Cliff Paul” campaign – to name a few.
Prior to joining Translation, Marcus led iTunes + Nike sport music initiatives at Apple (iTunes Partner Marketing) and ran digital strategy for Beyoncé.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Marcus is an extremely passionate educator and an AACSB certified clinical instructor. He is among the roster of instructors at Hyper Island and a member of the faculty at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, as a Golden Apple Award nominated lecturer of marketing.
Marcus holds an MBA with an emphasis on Strategic Brand Marketing from the University of Michigan, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in Material Science Engineering. He is a proud Detroit native, a devoted husband, and loving father.
To connect with Marcus:
* Website: www.marctothec.com

70 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Sexual Abuse (Chidimma Ozor)

January 25, 2018

So this week I just shared from the heart about my own experience as a survivor of sexual abuse when I was 7 years old. I also discuss current events around #metoo and the predators of Congress, Hollywood, women's gymnastics and in everyday living. I hope this reckoning is a wake up call. I also talk about what has led us here, the common disrespect that men** display towards women under the guise of humor, admiration and more. 

Chidimma Ozor is a soul coach, podcaster, educator, writer, advocate and conversation starter. She began theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast in November 2016 as a result of the onslaught of chaos and confusion in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election. With the podcast she seeks to smash the stigma of surviving sexual assault and domestic violence, healing from mental illness and recovering from substance use disorder. She also amplifies the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised. 

To connect with Chidimma:

* Email: chidimma@thetypeahippie.com

* FB: @TYPEAhippie

* IG: @thetypeahippie


**Speaking in gendered language.


69 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Sexual Assault (Ksenija Simmons)

January 4, 2018

I am looking forward to meeting Ksenija because our souls are already connected, we just need to be in the same physical place at the same time. She provides her experience as someone who has lived in multiple places and has had a wealth of unique lived experiences.

My passion for yoga came from a journey of finding healing in my own story of experiencing trauma. The first time I stepped onto my mat for a Holy Yoga class I knew something was different. As any beginner would, I experienced the uncomfortable and strange new sensations of poses I had never done before but I primarily felt a sense of freedom that had not been brought to life within me for years. Holy Yoga began to awaken me to God and to myself in a new and refreshing way. This practice brought me release, stillness and integrated my body, heart, mind and spirit into a wholeness I had never experienced before. For me, it became a way of worshiping Jesus on my mat, finding the surrendering of my heart, reconnection to lost places in my body and laying bare the spaces of my soul I did not yet understand. Each practice was unique and brought a different kind of healing than the one before. I wholeheartedly believe that using the modality of yoga and combining it with the expansion of our breath, scripture, prayer and meditation, alongside our movement, brings restoration to one's being.  Coming to a class does not mean bringing your perfect self… in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This is a place of bringing our brokenness, shedding our masks and finding our true selves. Simply showing up is enough. You are free to be you, while I get to be free to be me. Here we are not afraid of the cracks because it's in the cracks that light comes in and where, in return, our light shines through. Thank you for trusting me to lead you as I am led by the One who knows the needs of each one of us, thank you for your willingness to grow in this practice as I grow with you and thank you for the grace extended for me to continue to be a student right alongside you. I look forward to seeing this dream become a reality of authentic community and meeting each other right where life has us, while still holding on to the hope of experiencing life to its fullest. 
Ksenija was raised in central and eastern Europe until the age of 19 when she moved to America in 2002. A child to missionary parents brought her a diverse, rich and ever-changing environment - from various cultures, art, languages, festivities and beautiful countryside to war-torn communities, human trafficking, refugees and the desperately poor. This exposure cultivated compassion in her and a deeply rooted faith that God is the one who brings healing to the broken. This passion to bring a safe space for others to find their wholeness and restoration intensified as she began the journey to finding freedom in her own trauma. Now she has the joy of doing so through achieving her 500 hr Holy Yoga Masters certification, Trauma Sensitive and Touch certification and is currently in process of getting her Holy Yoga Therapy and Holy Yoga Kids certification. 
To connect with Ksenija:
* FB: Ksenija Simmons or Holy Yoga Columbia

* IG: @ksenija_simmons or @holyyogacolumbia

68 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Ovarian Cancer (Christina Mensah)

December 28, 2017

I knew that Christina Mensah was a cool chick the first time we were texting. She extended grace to me when I was going back and forth (aka being indecisive) and had such an easy way of being. I'm looking forward to meeting her IRL and it was so much fun and inspiring to speak with her about her lived experience with surviving ovarian cancer.

Christina Mensah is a former NYC public school teacher turned doula and Impact Entrepreneur. She aspires to bring out the best in other women and empower them to see their worth. She is the mama of two inquisitive and bright daughters and married to a BOMB husband. 
To connect with Christina:
* IG: @thismamasgotsole and @mymommytribe

67 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving a Toxic Romantic Relationship (Marcy Valle)

December 22, 2017

I've known Marcy for several years. We met because we both had a love for health, wellness, yoga and fitness while I lived in Las Vegas. She's a bright light in the community and her smile is contagious. I was excited to speak to her about her experience surviving a toxic romantic relationship.

Marcy Valle is a lover of language, life and dreams. An old soul, she works daily in the Solar Energy field hoping to make a difference in our world and has shed a couple professionally demanding lives before this. She is first and foremost a new Yoruba priestess and a yogi. The first goal in life, is to cultivate joy, heal, and bring healing. Her life normally includes a lot of music, yoga, dancing and writing with the hopes of publishing a lot more in years to come. Currently, she's in semi-seclusion for a year of introspection. Carrying a relentless mending heart her life is nothing short of passionate, imperfect, and all but ordinary. She's mom to two little humans and a cat in heaven. 
To connect with Marcy:
* Publications:

66 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Poverty (Christina Aldan)

December 14, 2017

Christina Aldan is an amazing human whose resilience, grit and fire are inspiring. She is does not fit into any boxes and her authenticity is a breath of fresh air in a world where transparency, authenticity and vulnerability are not the norm. I look forward to connecting with her IRL someday soon.

Christina Aldan is a TEDx speaker, trainer, and digital advertising consultant whose boutique agency, LG Designs, offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. With over a decade of experience in the digital advertising realm, Christina is highly regarded for her approach to business, partnering with clients to find unique strategies that ensure their advertising goals are met. Christina builds connections through her keynote addresses, training workshops, and technological education. She uses these tools to help individuals and businesses cultivate value in everyday media. She has presented trainings for the Microsoft MVP community, among others. She also served as Chief Marketing Officer for PrayerSpark and as Marketing Coordinator for Starmark1. Christina uses her charisma and expertise to inspire others by mentoring women in business like herself. She also has sat on state and local boards supporting women in tech, entrepreneurship, and children with learning disabilities.

She is the recipient of the Las Vegas Women in Tech Community Service Award, the Distinguished Woman of the Year Award in STEM, and the Stevie Award for the category of Women Helping Women. LG Designs was voted by ACQ5 Magazine’s voters as Company of the Year (Nevada Brand Management) and Nevada Gamechanger of the Year.

To connect with Christina:

* Website: www.ChristinaAldan.com